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Top Scripture Revealed Articles – 2016!

Well,  another year has come to an end.  Once again it’s time to look back on the articles that were the most popular.  The internet is an amazing thing.  I’m able to look at each article and see how many unique visitors it received.  What I’d like to do this year is look at the five (5) most popular articles posted in 2016.

Let’s start the count down.

  1. Preaching the Gospel – To the Whole World
                              Arch of Titus Menorah Relief

    Is it possible that the gospel was preached to the whole world in the first century A.D.?  What the scriptures reveal is that the gospel of the kingdom was preached in the whole world just as Jesus had declared in Matthew 24:14.  The preaching of the gospel to the then known world was a necessary part of God’s plan.  Since the Jews had been scattered over the world (James 1:1), they all had the opportunity to accept the gospel or reject it.  Once the gospel of the kingdom was preached in the whole world, the “end” would then come.

    And it did come!  The “end” that Jesus was referring to was the “end” of the Old Covenant, biblical Judaic system and NOT the physical creation.  It was a Covenantal end. Jesus referred to that time as the “End of the Age”.  What Jesus meant was the “End of the Old Covenant Age” that THEY were in.  This Old Covenant Age included keeping the Mosaic Law, animal sacrifices, circumcision, dietary laws and incomplete atonement.

  1. The Great Tribulation

    Destruction of the Temple of Jerusalem, Francesco Hayez (1867)

So is there a “Great Tribulation” in our future? Well, I must admit that the world is in a mess. Maybe events are building up for the start of world war III. If you believe this, I cannot blame you for thinking that way. However, the question is not whether we will all die in a future thermonuclear war. The question becomes does Matthew chapter 24 describe a “Great Tribulation” that is in our future?

It is clear from the context of the passage that the “Great Tribulation” that Jesus was referring to occurred in A.D. 70 with the destruction of the city of Jerusalem and the Temple. This event happened within a generation of the Olivet Discourse – just as Jesus had prophesied. This is what I believe scripture reveals!

  1. The Abomination of Desolation

The Siege and Destruction of Jerusalem,
Painting by David Roberts (1850)

Many Christians place the “abomination of desolation” in the future.  However, for this to occur the first thing they need is a rebuilt Temple in Jerusalem.  While this might be a possibility, there are no scriptures that clearly state that the Temple will be rebuilt in our future.  Disagree?  Then for more information on rebuilding the Jewish Temple see the article entitled: The Case for A Restored Nation of Israel.  So when you consider audience relevance, context, and the historical record it’s clear that the “abomination of desolation” occurred in A.D.70 when the pagan Roman Army entered Jerusalem and the Temple complex and showed reverence to their pagan deities.

  1. The Antichrist Deception

    John the Apostle on Patmos, Painting by Jacopo Vignali

Want to sell alot of books?  Just put the word “Antichrist” in the title!  Once you have read every scripture containing the word “antichrist” you will be in the position to realize the many deceptions that have been thrust on modern Christianity. And it won’t take long to read every scripture that contains the word “antichrist(s)” because there’s only four (4) scriptures.  All of them are in either 1st or 2nd John.  Of interest is the fact that the word “Antichrist” isn’t even in the book of Revelation.  Like myself you should come to the realization that there is no such figure mentioned or prophesied in the Bible called “the Antichrist”. It’s a false teaching, a myth.

  1. Pearly Gates and Streets of Gold

    Folio 55r of the Bamberg Apocalypse. Depicts the Angel showing John the New Jerusalem, with the Lamb of God at its center.

I was a little surprised that this article received the most attention in 2016.  One of the most misunderstood scriptures in our Bible centers around Revelation 21:21. This is the “pearly gates”, “street of gold” scripture.  Should we take this scripture literally? The book of Revelation is an example of  apocalyptic literature. Christians in the first century A.D. were familiar with the apocalyptic style and Old Testament symbolism. They were familiar with biblical imagery.  Christians today are not!  An improper interpretation would give us a vision of eternity that focuses on the carnal, on money, etc. This interpretation of Revelation 21:21 is often used as a selling point for Christianity. Heaven is portrayed as having all this valuable stuff laying around. But think about it for a minute. What good would it do if the streets were paved with gold? If that’s the case, the gold wouldn’t be any more valuable than the asphalt or concrete that our streets are paved with here on earth.

More importantly, the true message of Revelation is missed in regards to the Church. And that is God’s people have become the jewels of righteousness and God is in the midst of His people. An improper interpretation also misses the connections with passages like Isaiah 49. The proper interpretation connects the restoration of Israel with the incorporation of the Gentile “enemies” into the future “bride of Christ.” So which is it? The “pearly gates” and “streets of gold” or the beautifully adorned “bride of Christ”?


Thanks for making the second year of the Scripture Revealed a great success.  We have had visitors to the site from around the world.  Readership and subscriptions have steadily increased throughout the year.  We are looking forward to what the scriptures will reveal in 2017 as we study to show ourselves approved.  May the Lord richly bless each of you in the coming year!

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