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Top Ten Articles for 2018

Wow! What a great year 2018 was for! Over 2000 visitors a month are visiting the website. Since the site was launched in 2015 we’ve seen over 61, 690 page views with 37,590 unique visitors. Now that’s the power of the worldwide web!

Once again it’s time to look back to see which articles were the most popular. Of course one factor affecting an articles popularity is when it was posted. Some articles have been up since early 2015.

Let’s start the count down.


#10. Mystery Babylon

The Christian Martyrs’ Last Prayer, Jean-Léon Gérôme (1883)

Where is Mystery Babylon? Is it a city or just a fable? Many have been taught that Mystery Babylon is the Vatican in Rome, Italy or perhaps some other major city. What do the scriptures reveal? There are seven (7) important clues that point us to the true identity of Mystery Babylon. That is if we use scripture to interpret scripture. _____________________________________________________________________________

#9 Are We in the Laodicean Church Age?

Seven Churches of Revelation
Map of western Anatolia showing the island Patmos and the locations of the cities housing the seven churches

For many years, I believed and taught that the seven churches mentioned in the second and third chapters of Revelation were sort of time clock of the church age in progress. I believed that God purposely selected them for a definite and distinct purpose: to give a complete picture of church history from the beginning to end. The last church the Lord Jesus Christ addressed was the church at Laodicea. The Laodicean church was the “lukewarm” church. So the teaching goes that we are living in the age of the back-slid church! Is this really what the scriptures reveal? What prompted John to list the seven cities in the order he did? The answer may surprise you!


#8 Numbers In Scripture: The Number 40

Landscape with Noah’s Thank Offering
(painting circa 1803 by Joseph Anton Koch)

The Word of God is amazing. Throughout the scriptures, there are patterns and symmetry that prove that it is inspired. We can see God’s designs and patterns not only through types and parallels but also in numbers and the meaning of names of people and places. I happen to like the number forty!  Not so much the number itself but what it represents in scripture. This article explores the meaning of the number forty in scripture.


#7 Pearly Gates and Streets of Gold

Folio 55r of the Bamberg Apocalypse. Depicts the Angel showing John the New Jerusalem, with the Lamb of God at its center.

One of the most misunderstood scriptures in our Bible centers around Revelation 21:21. This is the “pearly gates”, “street of gold” scripture.  Should we take this scripture literally?  Let’s explore what the scriptures reveal.
Many Christians understand this verse and the surrounding passages as describing the New Jerusalem, a heavenly abode where the saints of God will spend eternity. A Heaven with “pearly gates” and “streets of gold”. I’m sure everyone has encountered this interpretation depicting what “heaven” will be like.
Now, what’s wrong with this interpretation of Revelation 21:21? Well, the main problem is that it ignores the context of the scripture. This popular interpretation ignores what Revelation 21:21 is describing. This causes a problem anytime a scripture is taken out of context without considering the surrounding passages.


#6 Who’s Got the Anointing? Psalms 105:15

What do the scriptures have to say about the subjects of authority and submission? Well, Jesus had a lot to say about spiritual leadership. He said that leaders in the church should be servants. Do church “offices” automatically bestow upon those holding a position a special anointing”? Are scriptures regarding church authority and submission sometimes taken out of context? This article explores this sensitive subject.


#5 God’s Land Promise to ABRAHAM – Fulfilled?

Moses and the Messengers from Canaan,
painting by Giovanni Lanfranco – 1621

For many years, I believed that the scriptures taught that God had never completely fulfilled the land promise that He made to Abraham. This is what I was taught to believe and what, I, in turn, taught others. Now we all know that God will not go back on His promises. So assuming this teaching is true, then at some point in the future, God will have to keep His promise that He made to Abraham. This “promised land” will have to be given to Abraham’s descendants. Did God fulfill His promise to Abraham? Or should we look to the future for this fulfillment? What do the scriptures reveal? Get your Bibles out!


#4 “There Should Be Time No Longer”

Time is Up!

A close friend of mine asked me to consider what Revelation 10:6 means in regards to the statement that “there should be time no longer”. Her thinking was that this verse is prophesying that in our future, we will get to the end of time. Time would cease to exist. The implication was that this earthly realm and our existence would end. Is this really what Revelation 10:6 teaches? By reading this scripture in the King James Version Bible one would certainly think so. But let’s dig a little further into other Bible translations and even a few commentaries!


#3 What’s the Milk and Meat of the Word?

Milk and Meat of the Word?

I don’t know about you, but I sure do like a thick, juicy steak every once in a while. But with the current price of beef being sky high, it’s a rare treat. Drinking milk is another thing altogether. I consider milk a breakfast drink, something I rarely drink for lunch or dinner. I like milk with my cereal. Paul, the Apostle, mentioned
“meat” and “milk” in two separate books of the Bible, 1st Corinthians, and Hebrews. Paul contrasts “milk” and “meat” to make an important spiritual analogy. Honestly, the popularity of this article surprises me – but I guess folks are just hungry for the Word of God!


#2 Many Mansions

John of Patmos watches the descent of the New Jerusalem
from God in a 14th-century tapestry.

John 14:1-2 is an often quoted but many times misunderstood Bible verse. Jesus said that He would go to prepare a “mansion” for those who believe in Him. Many believe that these “mansions” are literal buildings in heaven where they will dwell. Most people consider a “mansion” as a giant home, having everything we ever want or need. Ideally, it would be a place of ultimate contentment and fulfillment. If the “mansions” of which Jesus spoke are physical structures, then it might seem, to some, that all the believers who have died are dwelling in them right now in heaven. This subject must be important because this article is in the #2 spot. Give it a read!


#1 The Meaning of Numbers: The Number 1000

The Cattle Upon a Thousand Hills
The Cattle Upon a Thousand Hills

This article was by far the most popular article on the Scripture Revealed website – and by a long shot! What does scripture reveal about a 1000 Year Reign of Christ? Does the phrase “1000 Year Reign of Christ” even appear in scripture? What about the word “millennium”?  Should the number, when used in scripture, be taken literally or symbolically? Find out why this article received 3 times the views as compared to other articles!

Thanks to all of our readers for making 2018 the best year yet! We have had visitors to this site from around the world. Readership and subscription requests have steadily increased every year. We are sure that everyone is looking forward to a happy and prosperous 2019. May the Lord richly bless each of you in the coming year!

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